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Hi, I'm Xavier Serra, computer engineer and web developer. My passion for computer science began playing the first computer games. I am a meticulous and perfectionist when codding, I love working as a team and learning new things.
I am also a creative person, which has led me to undertake and create interesting projects. My aspiration is to direct human and ambitious projects to change the world.
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>_  Skills

During my professional and academic career I have learned and acquired some knowledge, below is a brief summary of the technologies I know.

  Scrum (agile technology)
  Spring Framework
  Android Studio
  Java Script

>_  Experience

I have a work trajectory of more than three years as a web programmer, of which two I have been working as a fullstack. I have worked for different companies where I gained experience, my work transition is shown bellow.

Fullstack | idc sa
Sept. 2016 - now · 2 years and 8 months

web developer | Tecnovad
Jan. 2016 - Aug. 2016 · 8 months

web designer | braingaze
Sept. of 2015 - Jan. of 2016 · 5 months

>_  Projects

As I mentioned earlier, due to my entrepreneurial spirit, I have created some interesting projects during my career, these are some projects created and directed entirely by me.

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>_  Utilities

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